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Whether your own hardware, third-party hardware, cloud computing power or investment: your requirements are our motivation. That’s why we have extended our expertise across the entire computing sector.



We develop your data center solution exactly according to your requirements. Mobile or stationary. Wherever you need computing power.



With the world’s leading Management Software HIVE OS we offer the possibility to extensively manage farms that are scalable at will.



In times of virtual reality and photorealistic 3D simulations, we flexibly meet your requirements for computing capacity.



We help you to turn GPU computing power, in addition to your daily applications, into a valuable asset in the block chain area.

SHA-256 Farm


You have a large number of Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash computing units that you want to operate comprehensively? We can help you with this.



Our modern dashboards show you all the necessary details such as added value, status and performance of your operations at any time.



Do you need help on an ongoing project? Do you want to implement gCloud in your existing solution? We are ready.



Cloud Computing is a fast evolving market. We stay on top of developments and consult you with state of the art knowledge.

The Full Spectrum

We start exactly where you require it. We cover the entire spectrum of cloud computing. No matter which business model is right for you: We offer you the fitting possibilities.

  • On Premise GPU Data Center Management

  • On Demand GPU Cloud Computing Capacities

  • Promote your computing power through our gCloud platform

  • Profit from the unmatched returns of the blockchain sector

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Ready for tomorrow.

We cover your computing power needs as a customer, service provider or visionary investor with our products. We believe in the blockchain, a digital future and the advantages of a networked society. We have been working on this future for many years and contribute to it with our innovative solutions. Together with you we strive to contribute to this goal.

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